The Michigan Inter-Professional Association on Marriage, Divorce and the Family (MIPA) is a non-profit organization consisting mostly of judges, lawyers and mental health professionals who meet on a regular basis to combine their special skills, knowledge and insights with a goal towards strengthening family life.

The MIPA conducts approximately four Roundtable luncheons per year on relevant topics that our members face every day when dealing with family issues. Each Roundtable features a new and unique topic with different guest speakers. For a complete listing of this year’s Roundtables, please click on the Upcoming Events tab on the left menu on this page.

To be eligible for membership in MIPA, individuals must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. They must be members of one of the professions vitally concerned with the field of marriage, divorce and the family, such as law, medicine and psychiatry, nursing, psychology, social work and the social sciences, education, and the clergy. 
  2. They must be actively interested in the field of marriage, divorce and the family and prepared to make significant contributions of time and effort in furthering the objectives of this association.